Floor Cleaning in the Cotswolds

Floor Cleaning Solutions was setup to meet the demands of clients requiring more than just basic floor cleaning that portable and domestic equipment provides. We all know you can stroll down to your local supermarket and rent a portable carpet cleaning machine for a £35 but does it really hit the mark?

In our opinion they really do not.

Whilst they look relatively impressive the machines are heavy, bulky, low in vacuum power, often dont heat or steam and generally inefficient. By the time you have damaged your back and squashed the dogs tale lifting the retched thing into the car, scratched up the doors getting it in the house, flooded out the carpet with cleaning solution and then finally witnessed the sub par cleaning results is a supermarket rental so cheap after all?

We urge you to give us a try (just for a single room) and see what a vehicle mounted quad vacuum machine can do in comparison. We promise you will see results above and beyond what you thought might be possible.

Not only do we provide superior equipment but also enjoy our work so will find us happy and enthusiastic to help you get the cleaning results you need for either your rental house or personal property.

Entering someones house we take great care in and realise this is your personal space so will first speak to you about how you would like us to clean, produce a written quotation and if you are happy then we will embark on helping you clean the floors of your house. All of us carry ID badges and we take great care in keeping the house in pristine condition. We use hose guards when moving hoses around the house and can provide dehumidifiers and carpet blowers to get the floors drying fast. We also use internal and external footwear to keep the now clean carpets remaining clean.

Please call the office anytime on 01666 503333 anytime to receive an emailed estimate which can then be followed through with an onsite written quotation prior to us starting any work.