Our Equipment


Carpet Cleaning

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For carpet cleaning we use a spray and extraction system which is manufactured by Mytee in the USA. This is an electric Truck Mount System where by the machine has sufficient vacuum power to remain in the van and a long vacuum hose is fed into the property. The machine also provides a solution hose that sprays a mist upto 900psi of pressure which then immediately sucks this up. The technique is Hot Water Extraction so you get the benefit of washing but minus the damp as of course the wash is immediately vacuumed away. The water is immediately vacuumed down the large tubes so all the waste is sent immediately back to the Van waste tanks.

Using truck mount systems of this scale it enables us to offer our customers a superior cleaning service and also ensures we are not carrying heavy and bulky equipment into the house. Portable carpet cleaners do not offer the same Vacuum Power or Pressure power so we feel confident this equipment offers our customers the best in terms of cleaning performance.

Carpet Solutions

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A great importance in Carpet Cleaning is the Chemistry. From all the products we have tried we like PRO-CHEM products. They have a great range, they offer amazing customer service if you have any questions about their solutions. Also in our opinion they are the best. They have a solution for all types of stain and always seem to be the most effective and non evasive on the carpets.

This is the product we always like to use on our customers carpets.

Pressure & Steam Hosing

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For hosing we use the Ehrle HD623 Industrial Pressure & Steam Cleaner. This machine has extremely high pressure output and is pretty much as powerful as things can go prior to using a 3 phase power supply. The 623 has an output of 1700psi / 120 bar with a water flow output of 660 litres per hour. We can remove this unit from the van but is not suitable to go upstairs as it is very big and heavy. Normally we run a large pressure line from the van to the relevant area to be cleaned.

As im sure you know you can purchase a "squirt squirt" pressure hose from the local DIY shop with limited results but we guarantee this machine cuts to the chase and will get the job done fast and efficiently. It also has onboard a 3000 watt heating coil so can blast steam out at high pressures. The algae population growing all over your patio will scream once they see this baby coming their way :)

Heritage & Cotswold Stone Cleaning

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For specialist Stone Cleaning we use the DOFF system which with a small amount of "googling" will reveal why. This system fires steam out at very high temperature and whilst cleaning the stone DOES NOT permiate the stone. As a result of this it ensures the stone does not get any form of water damage which can be devestating on softer stone such as Cotswold, Gargoyles, Chimneys, Fireplaces, Statues etc.

This machine is ideal for stone work that requires something more specific than a high powered pressure hose / steam cleaner.

This system is quite specialist and often associated with larger properties and facias so may involve scaffolding rigs etc. We dont actually put figures or costings to this service until we have viewed the site and given you an accurate quotation.


Industrial Brushing & Scrubbing

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We use the Numatic TTB 4500 this is an Industrial scrubbing machine that is ideal for really tough marks. Examples would be sun dried mud, heavy algae, clay, heavy dust etc. Pretty much anything requiring some very extensive scrubbing & cleaning fluid distribution. The machine has a high powered solution hose, a 17" orbital spinning scrubbing brush and a vacuum system so is ideal for large outdoor areas, concrete floors, large indoor spaces. Its not really suited for a domestic house but more like outdoor sheds, barns, drives etc.

This is a big machine so not really suitable for stairs etc. We have been known to get it upstairs but would require a relatively large team onsite to accomadate this.


Industrial Vacuuming

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For outdoor or Industrial vacuuming we supply the COUNTAX HURRICANE VAC ES-400. This is a Honda Engine Powered Industrial Vacuum Cleaner. This machine can cover over an entire site very quickly sucking up large quantities of Litter, Leaves, Debris, Hay etc.

It can be used in a domestic environment such as a large garden but be aware the machine is quite big, relatively heavy and loud in operation so bare all this in mind if its something you think you might like to hire.


Notes about the machines

Our main income business is carpet cleaning so the big machines you see on this page are in our storage unit not always in the Van.

If you require something listed on this page please call or fill in a contact form as we will need to ensure we have the relevant equipment in the van prior to arriving at your premises.

Like with all our jobs when we arrive at the site you have no commitment until a job sheet has been completed, a written price agreed and then only if you sign this will we start work. There is no commitment until this happens but all we ask is please give us some notice if you require these large machines as we dont carry them on the van at all times.